A Companion to Poetic Genre

2011-10-25 | ISBN: 1444336738 | PDF | 660 pages | 2.78 MB

A Companion to Poetic Genre brings together over 40 contributions from leading academics to provide critical overviews of poetic genres and their modern adaptations.
Covers a large range of poetic cultural traditions from Britain, Ireland, North America, Japan and the Caribbea
Summarises many genres from their earliest origins to their most recent renderings
The only full-length critical collection to deal with modern adaptations of poetic genres
Contributors include Bernard O��Donoghue, Stephen Burt, Jahan Ramazani, and many other notable scholars of poetry and poetics
This eagerly awaited companion features over 40 contributions from leading academicsaround the world, and offers critical overviews of numerous poetic genres. Covering a range of cultural traditions from Britain, Ireland, North America, Japan and the Caribbean, amongst others, this valuable collection considers ancient genres such as the elegy, the ode, the ghazal and the ballad, before moving on to Medieval and Renaissance genres originally invented or codified by the Troubadours or poets who followed in their wake. the book also approaches genres driven by theme, such as the calypso and found poetry. Each chapter begins by defining the genre in its initial stages, charting historical developments and finally assessing its latest mutations, be they structural, thematic, parodic, assimilative or subversive.


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