Afra Tafreeh By Dr. Muhammad Younis Butt

Dr. Muhammad Younis Butt is January 4, 1962. He has said to have written 30 books such as: Family Front, Hum Sab Umeed Sai Hain, 2011 Mehngai Awards, Double Trouble, Butt Tamiziyan,  Kharmastiyaan, Laaf Park, Ladies Park, Gharmastiyyan, MisFit, Yeh Duniya Hai Dil Walon Ki, Khundkariyaan, Aks Bar Aks, Hawaiyaan, Shaitaniyaan, Nook Jook, Tu Tu Main Main, Mazahiyaat,  Khunda Zan, Mazah Bakhair, Joke Dar Joke, Afrah Tafreeh, Butt Soortiyaan, Butt Parey, Mazah Pursi, Guldasta, Kallabaziyaan, Butt Kariyaan, Mazah Gardi.

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